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An acrylic painting measuring 24”x36”. 

Another of my dream paintings.
My grandmother from the Plains out west, recently passed, and while I wasn’t able to be present with her before or after, I do feel as if she came to visit me in a dream shortly after I learned of her passing.
   The setting is in the Maine woods and railroad tracks that go on for miles. I am walking down the tracks, being out in nature and soaking up the sun when all of a sudden out walks a female bison and a young calf.  Two animals that I definitely know wouldn’t be out in my neck of the woods in the waking world.
   They crossed my path on the road, took a moment to gaze at me, and then continued onto the other side of the woods. Seeing as how I don’t ever dream of bison, I took this to be a metaphor of my grandma and her son, my dad, who died when I was just a kid, letting me know they’re still with me but moving to the other world. Her appearance, in my dream shortly after she passed, felt like this was her way of saying goodbye and that everything is ok. Waking up, it made my heart feel at ease. I will always remember her for her kindness, strength and sense of adventure.

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Crossing World’s

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