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       Hi!  My name is Norma Randi, welcome to my website,

I am a multi-faceted Indigenous artist and homesteader from Maine. I have roots from my father’s clan of the Hidatsa and Mandan people of North Dakota and was raised in my Passamaquoddy mother’s tribal lands of Sipayik, Maine. I am a painter and digital art creator, using acrylic, oils, and watercolors as mediums. I draw inspiration from my heritage and life lived with my husband and dog in the beautiful Maine environment my ancestors call home and have traversed for 13,000 plus years.

 The focus on my heritage is also used as a teaching tool to find out more on the history of my ancestors, how their lives were lived prior to colonization and after, their cultural practices, and the people within the communities who continue carrying on traditions despite the initial setback of assimilation. 

Norma Randi is a member of the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor and recently won a people’s choice award in June for her Language preservation piece. She was recently featured in the Atelier Laforest gallery in Dennysville. In the summer of 2022 one could see her art at the State Capitol, and she has shown in various galleries throughout the years in Eastport and at the University of Maine at Machias.


Thanks for stopping by!

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