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Painting Complete

After spending much time developing my large dancers painting, I’m glad to report that I’ve finally completed it and will be including it for viewing as part of my artist video for the Digital Abbe Museum Indian Market held on May 15th, 2021 on the Abbe Museum Website, link is here. Typically my portrait paintings consist of one figure, but this particular painting has nine figures, all smaller scale than I’m used to working, which presented quite the daunting challenge for myself but I was glad to push through and finish.

This here is a nostalgic scene of Passamaquoddy community members in traditional regalia uniting for the Round Dance. A dance where all members, visitors, everyone, can join together to dance to the beats, be one with the tribe and under the sun on ancestral lands. Outfitted with Passamaquoddy motifs in contemporary style. A 36”x48” oil painting on canvas.

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