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Space case lately

Most days of the year I check out the space weather news from Ben Davidson, on his YouTube channel Suspicious0bservers. After being a long time subscriber, and seeing that we (the people on earth) have and always will be in these cyclical timelines, leaves me to pondering many hours about what that means for our generations and those following. According to him and other scientists, we are approaching an ice age in the next 50 or so years to come, and climate change is coinciding with the timeline, helping to set it in motion sooner. I have always heard people in my circle reference how they feel like we have walked our certain paths of self sustainability for a reason. As if this may somehow correlate to our current timeline or not too far down the road. Just makes me wonder that if we are upon a certain time, what challenges will we face, what will earth look like, will I be alive, and what knowledge would I want to know the most? All the planets in our solar system are affected, including the sun which has the most impact for us. We are always on the micro scale compared to planetary sizes, but what would a planet visually look like undergoing changes. Luckily with technology and data we can observe some of our own solar system planets undergo changes, such as the storm on Jupiter, and see how planets shift with time just like everything else. These ideas have recently been my inspiration for changing up my painting scene to thinking of planets while also employing fun-to-me painting techniques. A fun change of pace to relax and prepare me for a busy painting season. Thanks for looking.

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